Jun 30, 2011 4:25pm
Thermaltake Mobile Fan 12: Unboxing, Demo & Reviewsure whether#mzmb{display:none;visibility:hidden;}
Jun 30, 2011 12:19am
This is the new Swiftech Polaris 120 Heatsink and CPU cooler  we will be reviewing today. This is an air-cooler that retails for about 60 dollars, making it Swiftech's re-entry into the mainstream air-cooling arena. It is compatible with every common Intel and AMD CPU socket on the market,  which includes the new Intel Socket 1155 for the Intel's Sandy Bridge processors.At it's budget price, the Swiftech Polaris 120 Heatsink has quite a lot of competition to contend with. We are going to see how it stacks up to other entry level, high performance AMD and Intel CPU Coolers in the... more.
Jun 23, 2011 3:47am
Logitech is one the most well-known companies in the peripheral market. They make great products that are user-friendly, high in performance, and most of all, comfortable. It’s no secret that Logitech’s standard for a great ergonomic product exceeds most other companies; their products perform well and can fit almost every user’s preference. Logitech’s Performance Mouse MX is a great mouse for both casual and hardcore users alike, but let’s see how well this mouse fairs against other great peripheral companies such as Razer and Gigabyte.Logitech Performance Mouse MX: PackagingThe package... more.
Jun 22, 2011 5:11pm
Network Attached Storage (NAS) units have become increasingly popular these days because it’s safe, efficient, and easy to setup. They can be used for small businesses, home offices, and everyday consumer usage. The larger NAS are mainly directed towards small businesses that a device that can run a server and store tons of information. The Thecus N4200PRO is a great example of a NAS that can store a lot of information while still maintaining ease of accessibility. Earlier, we saw that the Thecus N2200XXX was more beneficial towards small home offices. However, the N4200 should be targeted... more.
Jun 22, 2011 2:43pm
AMD has launched their all new 990FX+SB950 chipset. The most important feature of this new chipset is that it supports their new AM3+ processors. AMD has been kind enough though to allow us to continue to use our older AM3 processor s with these new boards. That translates into a great value for AMD customers. This chipset will also incorporate their new Hyper Transport 3.1 architecture. This will increase the theoretical bandwidth of your new AM3+ processors to 6.4 GT/s. This bandwidth increase should help AMD compete a little better against Intel.This new chipset will also enable support 32... more.
Jun 15, 2011 3:59pm
Finding extra storage space can be difficult these days because there are just so many different storing devices available to the public. They can range from an extra hard drive in RAID, external hard drives, CDs, flash drives, or NAS. NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a great way to store your important information while still keeping them close at hand. You can access it with any computer connected to your Internet without having to connect it straight. If you are in need of a speedy 2-bay drive for your home office or leisure use, the Thecus N2200XXX could be the device for you.Thecus is... more.
Jun 13, 2011 5:32pm
This is a really exciting time to be an AMD fan. We have their new AM3+ platform motherboards. These boards feature their new SB950 chipset. This chipset is geared for the enthusiast market. It features both USB 3.0 support and SATA 3 support. This new chipset also has support for dual-channel DDR 3 RAM. Some of these features were also present with AMD’s previous chipset but the missing element was NVIDIA multi-graphics support. So we now are getting full SLI support from AMD. This is an incredible feature that has now been added to these boards. For those of us that are both AMD and NVIDIA... more.
Jun 02, 2011 11:22pm
Today we will be looking at the new HD 6770 Flex Edition video card from Sapphire. This is an entry-level card that currently retails for about 140 dollars on most on-line retail sites. As you will see in this review this product comes with lots of great features and performs pretty well for the price. Sapphire has been doing this for about 10 years now, and they have become quite proficient at producing some great products.With the proliferation of cards in this price point we will need to see how this card is able to set itself apart from the competition. As we have all learned by now AMD’s... more.
Jun 01, 2011 12:13am
AMD and Intel have long been rivals in both the CPU and chipset markets and this has resulted in price wars for the last decade as both companies vie for your hard earned cash. AMD has traditionally been the underdog in this game, but during their AMD64 heyday they made the top, if only for a moment.  AMD in my eyes stands for those who want adequate performance, but not the price tags associated with many of Intel’s mainstream CPUs, and for general gaming the AMD CPUS do their part. That being said AMD also has nothing that can touch Intel’s high-end X58 chipsets or their concurring... more.
May 29, 2011 1:38am
In the gaming world, bigger is better, just ask the geeks and tech hounds who covet the very idea of large screen or multi monitor gaming. The higher the resolution, the bigger your bragging rights are in the realm of virtual reality and the only way to get higher resolutions is through your choice of video card, and your monitor setup. Once you get yourself the latest pixel pumping powerhouse money can buy, where do you get the actual equipment to take advantage of this new PC muscle? This is where the hardcore get separated by the cash poor as buying into any monitor or multi monitor setup... more.