CPU: AMD's new Athlon XP CPU line :: Conclusion

10-18-2001 · Category: Hardware - Processors

By Doc Overclock


I would give the XP a higher score but the manufacturers have not quite caught up with AMD in their support and some boards still fail to recognize the XP for what it is. This will change in time but for the moment remains an upgrade factor.


I encountered no system crashes or glitches in operations or software while running this CPU. So far this seems to be a ready for prime time player. Only time will tell if there are any serious problems but I do not believe any will come up as AMD is very likely to have done some heavy duty R&D before releasing this chip to market.


These people know where their bread is buttered and give quality support to its vendors and resellers. As an end user you will probably not make direst contact with them as you would deal with whoever sold you the AMD product. AMD does have a great website with tons of information for you to absorb.


AMD has come up with a very serious competitor for the desktop market and I think one that is going to sweep up in the mid and lower end of the scale. Intel will be hard pressed to keep up with the XP as it can compete in the low end server market as well a once Intel only dominated arena.

All in all I think AMD has lived up to the hype surrounding this processor although I think many people will still be confused with the AMD marketing plan and the chips name differing from actual chip speed. This will level itself off as time persists but in the interim could cause confusion among the masses that only read or hear half of what they input into their brain.

I know Tyan and Iwill are going to be very happy about this chips release as they both currently have dual motherboards that support the new XP/MP line. We will be following up this review with a review on the latest board from Tyan geared at the lower end server/workstation market. AMD did a damn good job here; the underdog is gaining strength and momentum with this one. Way to go AMD!

Doc Out