Video Card: All In Wonder 9700 Pro Review :: TV Tuner

01-03-2003 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Benjamin Sun

ATI has introduced multiple TV inputs with MulTView on the AIW Radeon 9700 Pro. What this does is it allows the user to use a second TV source to display TV. You can do Picture in a Picture or 2 separate displays on the same monitor. Installation of this feature was a snap. Once the AIW 9700 Pro drivers were installed, you need to run the initialization wizard for the TV . If you have a TV Wonder or TV Wonder VE installed, the wizard automatically detects the two TV sources. It's fairly easy and simple to install.

TV playback on the AIW is of course dependent upon the TV sources. For purposes of this review, I used 2 amplified antennas. The first time I ran the autoscan , the local channels (2, 4, 5, 7,9 , 11,13 ) were all detected on the first run. After a series of prompts (a clear installation guide is included with the card) the AIW 9700 was good to go for TV.

I must say PiP is a feature I love on a TV. While my 19" monitor is small for PiP , it's nice to watch the game on one channel and a TV gameshow on another (watching Monday Night Football) and Pyramid is a interesting experience) . To switch audio, simply click on the TV source you want audio for and it'll switch automatically. It's a easy transition from one to the other window with a click of the Remote Wonder or of a mouse transfer from one to the other screen and audio.

Guide Plus is the included "TV Guide" program for the AIW 9700 Pro. Once the weekly file is downloaded , the name of the program being played is listed on the top left hand corner of the TV screen. From the Guide Plus window you can set a recording time (after you set up the record settings in the Personal Video Recorder tab of the TV settings setup.