Case: Swiftech H20 Q Power Review :: Conclusion

03-19-2002 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Doc Overclock

There are many admirable things about this case and only a few minor drawbacks in my opinion. The main drawback to this case is its large size that will not fit on your average desktop. It requires a large area to fit comfortably. Gabriel is working on a smaller desktop version as this is going to print so that should solve that little dilemma.

I am of the mind that I like my system up on my desk, which is just my personal preference. There are lots of folks who will be tickled pink by the shear room, and interior space the Q Power case offers. Nothing else off the shelf offers the cooling power of the Q Power. For sheer performance it cannot be beat. The folks over at Swiftech also sell a do-it-yourself kit for those who want to be pioneers and make their own liquid cooled case mod.

Now if I can only get Gabe to choose a less utilitarian style case for his next project, that my friends would be something to see. I know what he was looking to do with this case and he has succeeded, as it is the coolest running dog in the pony show. Now if he can just make one out of something that is visually appealing he should corner the market.

The next thing we will be looking at from Swiftech is their latest effort the new Peltier series coolers. Gabe has told me they will only add to the overclocking stability factor by a slight margin. He is going to hate me because I am going to want a lovely little Peltier for my spanking new Ge-Force 4 so it can be cooled all on its own. This would be for testing purposes of course as I would never do anything like you know play games with it, nah not me. See you in the funny papers folks, until then.