BIOSTAR TA870+ Motherboard Review :: BIOS and Overclocking

08-26-2010 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

BIOSTAR uses the American Megatrends AMIBIOS for their motherboard. This AMI BIOS supports Plug and Play, EPA Green PC Advanced Configuration and Power Interface specification and Advanced Power Management. The main menu is split into Main, Advanced, and PCIPnP, Boot, Chipset, T-Series and Exit submenus. The Main Menu is where the AMI BIOS Version and Build History is displayed, as well as the installed memory size, time and date. Here is also where you set your IDE Configuration where the SATA and ESATA devices are detected.

The Advanced Menu is where the CPU Configuration, SuperIO, Smart Fan, Hardware Health, Power and USB Configuration menus are located. The CPU Configuration is where the CPU features like PowerNow, C1E, Core Leveling, CPU Cores and Virtualization Technology is located. The Power Management Menu is where the EuP enabling is done. EuP is the European standard for which less than 1W of power is consumed by a device when it is off. Setting up of RAID is accomplished on the Onchip SATA Configuration Menu.

The overclocker and tweaker will want to look at the T-Series menu. Here all of the frequencies and voltages can be modified from this menu. The Overclock Navigator provides three settings for overclocking Normal, Automatic, and Manual. The Automatic Overclock has three levels: V6, V8, V12 with V12 being the highest automatic overclock and the V6 is the lowest overclock. Manual Overclocking has a wide array of settings with the following chart giving the most important ones:

Setting Range
CPU/HT Reference Clock ( MHz) 200-600
Memory VTT Voltage control 34%-65%
Core FID x8 1600MHz-x31.5 6300MHz
Core DID Divided by 1/Divided by 2/ Divided by 4/ Divided by 8 /Divided by 16
NB FID 800-7000MHz
HT Link Speed 200/400/600/800/1.0 GHz/ 1.2GHz/1.4GHz/1.6GHz/1.8GHz/2.0GHz
HT Link Width 8/16 bit
DRAM BG Scrub/Data Cache BG Scrub/L2 Cache BG Scrub/L3 Cache BG Scrub Disabled (Default) / 40ns / 80ns / 160ns / 320ns / 640ns / 1.28us / 2.56us / 5.12us / 10.2us / 20.5us / 41.0us / 81.9us / 163.8us / 327.7us / 655.4us / 1.31ms / 2.62ms / 5.24ms / 10.49ms / 20.97ms / 42.00ms / 84.00ms
Memory Clock Value DDR3-800/DDR3 1066/DDR3 1333/DDR3 1600
DRAM Timing mode DCT 0 DCT 1
CAS Latency 4-12T
2T Command 1T/2T
TRCD 5-12
TRP 5-12
TRTP 4-7
TRAS 15-30
TRC 11-42
TWR 5-8/10/12
TRRD 4-7
TWTR 4-7
TRFC0/TRFC1/TRFC2/TRFC3 90ns/110ns/160ns/300ns/350ns

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