BIOSTAR TA870+ Motherboard Review :: Introduction

08-26-2010 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

Buying a new motherboard for a computer system is fraught with a bevy of choices for the average consumer. Do you want the most features, the lowest price, the best overclocking? The high end of the market is signified by the X58 chipset on the Intel side of things and the 890FX chipset on the AMD side of things. But the high end is not where most of the sales in the computer industry are done, but the mainstream.

AMD launched the 8 series of chipsets earlier this year with a high end enthusiast board, a high-end integrated graphics board, a mainstream integrated graphics chipset and the mainstream non-integrated chipset. The 870 is the mainstream version of the 8 series non-integrated chipsets and is the least expensive of them as well. BIOSTAR is a motherboard manufacturer out of Taiwan and has released several boards on the 8 series of chipsets from AMD. Today Iím reviewing the BIOSTAR TA870+ motherboard.