GIGABYTE GA-H55N-USB3 (rev 1.0) Review :: Introduction

08-18-2010 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

Intel has aggressively launched their 5 series of chipsets targeted for the mainstream and performance segments of the market in terms of motherboard chipsets. The mix of their chipsets for this space is LGA-1366 for the enthusiast and the P55/Q57/H55 series for the mainstream. This segmentation of the market makes sense from Intelís point of view as the features of the LGA-1366 platform generally cost more than the features of the LGA-1156 platform (Triple Channel versus Double Channel memory, discrete graphics, etc).

Their release of 6-core CPUs only on the X58 platform further separates the extreme enthusiast segment from the mainstream as 4-core CPUs are the norm or 2-core with Hyper-Threading. Intel recently launched their H55 chipset, which carries support for the GMA HD integrated graphics on the Core i5 and i3 CPUs giving another choice. GIGABYTE is a Tier-1 motherboard manufacturer based in Taiwan that manufactures motherboards, video cards, and other computer related equipment. They have released new motherboards based upon every chipset on the market from Intel or AMD. Todayís review is on the H55N-USB3 (rev 1.0) board.