ASUS AT310NT-I Deluxe Motherboard Review :: Setup and Installation

06-27-2010 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

So you want to set up your shiny new ASUS AT310NT-I motherboard what steps need to be taken? First you need to have an appropriate case to install the motherboard into. The form factor of the AT310NT-I motherboard is Mini-ITX, meaning it will fit into any case of that form factor or larger. The second thing is to make sure you have at least one HDD, an optical drive, and memory.

Installing the motherboard inside a case is an easy process. Simply align the holes of the motherboard onto the holes on the motherboard tray, install the needed stand-offs and mount the board onto the stand-offs. As the AT31ONT-I Deluxe does not have a need for a Power Supply simply attach the cables for the SATA devices to the Molex connector via the adapter, install the memory, and attach the SATA Data cables for the HDD and optical drive and you are ready to go and connect the FP I/O.

At this point, installation is almost completed. The DC Power adapter plugs into an available outlet then the power cord plugs into the adapter then to the motherboard rear I/O. Plug in your keyboard, mouse monitor and you are ready to power up the system for the first time. Note the AT3IONT-I support Windows 7, Vista and XP. Also note the motherboard supports RAID 0 so you can have two SATA HDDs in RAID 0 modes.