ASUS AT310NT-I Deluxe Motherboard Review :: Features

06-27-2010 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun
  • Intel Atom 330 on board
  • NVIDIA ION Graphics Processors
  • Home Theater Gate
  • Wireless on board
  • High Definition Audio
  • DTS Surround Sound
  • S/PDIF Out on back I/O Port
  • SATA 3Gb/second
  • HDMI Interface
  • Stack Cool 3
  • CrashFree BIOS3
  • MyLogo2
  • GreenASUS
  • Dual Channel DDR3
  • S/PDIF-out on back
  • Gold-plated RCA Connector
  • DC on board
  • USB 2.0 ports supported
  • Express Gate
  • EZ Flash
  • Ai Net 2

The ASUS AT3IONT-I Deluxe is based upon the first generation ION architecture. The motherboard comes with an Intel Atom 330 CPU soldered onto the board so upgrading to the new Z5 series is not an option with this motherboard. The Atom 330 is clocked at 1.6GHz and is roughly equivalent to half a Core 2 Duo at the same clock speed.

The Atom 330 CPU supports MMX, SSE, SSE2K SSE3, Intel 64, XD bit, and Hyper-Threading. Intel created this processor by combining two of the Diamondville Atom 230 single core processors on a single package. This was a similar strategy to the first Dual Core CPUs which put two processors on the same packaging instead of the same die.

The clock speed of the Atom 330 is 1.6GHz, it has 64KB of L1 cache (32KB Data+32KB Instruction) per core and 512KB of L2 cache per core. The FSB of the Atom 330 is 533MHz. Newer Atom CPUs use the Direct Memory Interface (DMI). The Atom 330 has a TDP of 8W maximum with a 12x multiplier and a voltage rating of 0.9-1.1625V.

NVIDIA’s ION chipset is a very interesting alternative to the 945G chipset Intel was pairing with their Atom processors. The graphics are based upon the GeForce 210 integrated graphics with 16 Stream Processors, support for PhysX, CUDA. The graphics chip supports a maximum VGA resolution of 2048x1536x32-bit color at 75Hz. It also supports HDMI resolutions of 1920x1080x32-bit at 60Hz.

ASUS is targeting this motherboard for Home Theater PCs and to that end have included something called Home Theater Gate which acts sort of as an ASUS Media Center for playback of movies and other media. The AT310NT-I board comes with an IR Remote Control and receiver to control the Home Theater Gate software. The motherboard also comes with gold-plated RCA connectors and an auxiliary power connector.