ASUS AT310NT-I Deluxe Motherboard Review :: Introduction

06-27-2010 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

With the launch of the ION with GeForce 310 graphics and the newer Intel Z5 series CPUs the older ION motherboards are still on the market are looking for a target audience. The new Atom processors have the graphics chip integrated onto the die much like Intelís Core i3/i5 series of CPUs for the desktop. This provides a lower cost of ownership for the new computer owner. The Atom 330 processor which preceded the Pinetrail platform is now EOL but there is still some value left in the old platform as the integrated graphics have not improved much and the CPU performance is nearly the same as well.

ASUS recently decided to launch their AT3IONT-I motherboard for the Home Theater PC crowd. While they also have Z510 motherboards available, the truth of the matter is the ION subsystem gives a better overall experience over the integrated graphics of the Intel solution. And with performance not much different between the two platforms aside from the graphics, this is a great choice for those wanting to use the integrated graphics to play back Blu-Ray movies or other mundane tasks. Todayís review is on the aforementioned AT310NT-I motherboard.