ASUS CROSSHAIR IV Formula Motherboard Review :: Bundle

06-02-2010 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun
  • ASUS Crosshair IV Formula motherboard
  • 2-port USB/1 port e-SATA bracket
  • Crossfire Bridge
  • USB Cable for ROG Connect
  • I/O Shield
  • Manual
  • 6 SATA Data cables
  • SATA Cable labels
  • Q-Connector
  • Driver DVD

ASUS bundles the motherboard inside a red box, which differs in color from their dark purple box for the Intel chipsets and the olive colored AMD motherboard boxes. ASUS has the Republic of Gamers logo on the top left hand corner of the front of the box. The top center area of the box has the name of the board. Bottom right is listed the various CPUs supported as well as the ATI CrossfireX support and ASUS logo on the bottom right of the board.

ASUS CROSSHAIR IV Formula Motherboard Review Rear of box

Rear of box

ASUS CROSSHAIR IV Formula Motherboard Review Box open

Box open

ASUS CROSSHAIR IV Formula Motherboard Review Bundle


The front cover of the box is held in place by two Velcro strips. The flap lifts up revealing the motherboard’s game features and a clear plastic showcasing the new Crosshair IV motherboard. The back of the box contains the Specifications of the motherboard along with pictures of the board’s main features. Opening the box reveals two interior boxes, one containing the motherboard and the other containing the bundled items.

The bundle itself contains, six SATA data cables, a Crossfire bridge, a 2-port USB/ external SATA bracket, the I/O shield, a cable for the ROG Connect, the Q-Connector, the manual, the driver DVD and a set of SATA Cable labels. The SATA Cable labels allows you to label what each SATA cable goes to, whether a SSD/HDD or ODD. The Q-connector allows you to connect the Front Panel I/O connections in one fell swoop, allowing you to install them at one time instead of one by one.