BIOSTAR TA890GXB HD Motherboard Review :: Features

05-02-2010 · Category: Motherboards

By Elric Phares
  • BIO-unlocKING
  • GTO63
  • 2 Phase Memory Power design
  • BIOSTAR GPU Technology
  • AMD 890GX+SB850
  • ATI Hybrid CrossfireX Technology
  • Integrated HDMI with HDCP
  • SATA 6 Gb/s
  • BIO-Flasher
  • BIO-ReLife
  • O.N.E.
  • Rapid Switch
  • Rapid Debug
  • X.D.C.
  • Tweak Tech
  • Supported Socket AM3 processors AMD Phenom II/ Athlon II processor
  • Supported AMD Multi-Core (x6, x4, x2)
  • AMD 125W processor support
  • AMD 890GX Chipset with ATI Radeon HD 4290 DX10.1 Graphics
  • 4 DIMM supported DDR3-1600 (OC)/1333/1066
  • Supported SATA 6 Gb/s
  • ATI Hybrid Graphics Support
  • Integrated HDMI/DVI interface with HDCP Support 1080P HD Video Experience
  • AMD OverDrive with ACC (Advanced Clock Calibration) supported

BIOSTAR TA890GXB HD Motherboard Review

The TA890GXB HD motherboard is based upon AMD’s 890GX chipset for the Northbridge and SB850 chipset for the Southbridge combination. This chipset was launched earlier this year and introduced Radeon HD 4290 integrated graphics and SATA 6 Gb/s support to AMD chipsets. This is the first chipset to natively support 6 core CPUs from AMD.

One issue with the 890GX chipset is the de-activation of the ACC or Advanced Clock Calibration on the chipset from the Southbridge, forcing mother. ACC allows the fourth processor core to be unlocked on X3 CPUs or the fifth and sixth processor cores to be unlocked on CPUs like the 960T which has them disabled by default. BIOSTAR allows the cores to be unlocked either by the BIOS or through BIO-unlocKing.

BIO-unlocKING allows BIOSTAR motherboards to activate ACC function on AMD processors with a click of a button. Originally geared for the AMD x2 and X3 CPUs, BIO-unlocKING also works on the new X6 CPUs. During the post screen you can unlock the 4th core of an X3 CPU by pressing the F4 key. Similarly by pressing the X3 key you can unlock the 3rd core of an X2 CPU. By pressing F6 with a 960T CPU, you can unlock the 6th core.

GT063 stands for GreaTurbo Overclocking which is designed for overclocker’s. GT06 to the 3rd power has support for GT60, SATA 6 Gb/second and AMD 6 core CPUs. GTO 63 allows the user to automatically overclock the iGPU and CPU giving an increase in performance in 3DMark by up to 60%. SATA 6 Gb/s support is native to the SB850 Southbridge on the motherboard and the 6 core AMD CPUs are natively supported by the 890GX chipset.

The Radeon HD 4290 integrated graphics on the 890GX motherboard is basically the same integrated core as on the 785GX chipset with a higher clock speed. ATI’s HD 4xxx series supports DirectX 10.1 features like Shader Model 4.1, Mandatory 32-bit floating point filtering and mandatory support for 4x anti-aliasing. The main difference between the older chipset and the newer chipset is the clock speed with the 890GX has a 700MHz clock speed and the 785GX had a 500MHz clock speed.

The BIOS on the TA890GXB HD has several key features including BIO-Flasher, BIO-Relife and support for O.N.E... BIO-Flasher allows the easy flashing of the BIOS from a USB flash disk. BIO-Relife lets you resume crashed BIOS data from a USB flash drive. O.N.E. is the automatic overclocking engine on the TA890GXB HD motherboard with three settings (V6/V8/V12) that provides three presets (good, better, best) O.C. settings which Biostar was able to reach.