ASUS Z8PE-D12 Server Motherboard Review :: Introduction

05-02-2010 · Category: Motherboards

By Elric Phares

ASUS has long been at the forefront of motherboard design with innovative features, excellent board design, and excellent overclockability of their boards. ASUS motherboards tend to make it into the computers that me and my team use for our personal systems as they offer high performance, great stability and good support. ASUS also makes video cards, laptops, cell phones and other accessories. One further market segment is the server and workstation motherboard market. ASUS has manufactured many server and workstation motherboards over the years, including the ASUS Z8NA-D6C I reviewed late last year.

Server boards are important for those wanting the fastest CPU configuration with large amounts of memory, high speed networking and high performance 3D graphics tailored for 3D applications like 3DSMax or AutoCAD which are not really designed for gaming as much as drawing lines and point. The Server class CPU from Intel is known as the Xeon. The latest Xeon CPUs are the six core Xeon 56xx series. These CPUs use the Socket 1366 interface and range in clock speed from 1.86-3.33GHz. Today Iím reviewing the ASUS Z8PE-D12 Server motherboard using the Intel 5520+ICH10R combination. This is a dual-CPU board that supports the latest Xeon CPUs including the 56xx series that was recently released from Intel. It should be an interesting review and comparison to the Z8NA-D6C.