ASRock ION330 Motherboard Review :: Bundle

04-18-2010 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun
  • ASRock A330ION Motherboard
  • Two SATA Data cables
  • One SATA Power cable
  • Driver DVD
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • Instant Boot manual

ASRock bundled this motherboard inside a purple box. The ASRock logo is on the top left hand corner of the box. The Windows 7 logo, the NVIDIA ION logo and the Intel Atom Inside logos are on the top right hand corner of the box. An A with a picture of the motherboard inset into it is in the center of the box. The bottom of the box front has a short list of the features of the motherboard.

ASRock ION330 Motherboard Review Box


ASRock ION330 Motherboard Review Rear of Box

Rear of Box

ASRock ION330 Motherboard Review Box open

Box open

ASRock ION330 Motherboard Review Bundle


The rear of the box has a list of the main features of the motherboard and a description of the features. There is also a Product Specification in a variety of different languages. Opening the box we see that ASRock has segregated the motherboard from the manual and accessories with a cardboard insert. The bundle itself consists of two SATA Data cables, a SATA Power cable the manuals an I/O shield and the Driver CD.

ASRock ION330 Motherboard Review Via HD Deck

Via HD Deck

ASRock ION330 Motherboard Review NVIDIA Control Panel

NVIDIA Control Panel

The software bundle includes the CyberLink suite in OEM and Trial versions. You get Power2Go 6.1 LE OEM, MediaShow 4.1 SE OEM, PowerDVD 8.0 DTS Trial, PowerDirector 8.0 Trial, and PowerBackup 2.5 Trial. The motherboard sports a Via VT2020 Audio CODEC. ASRock continues their history of including innovative features by including the Creative Labs X-Fi trial software with the bundle. This allows the user to play games with EAX 4.0 effects that are not available on most motherboard onboard sound cards.