ECS H55H-I Motherboard Review :: Introduction

04-08-2010 · Category: Motherboards

By Elric Phares

Mini-ITX motherboards are becoming more and more popular as the motherboard chipsets that are available are getting better with each generation. Intel has been releasing new CPUs and motherboards and their latest mainstream motherboard chipset the H55 chipset would seem to be the perfect match for an ITX platform as it has decent integrated graphics performance, available CPUs with fairly power consumption and great performance.

ECS is one of the first in the fray with a mini-ITX motherboard with the H55 chipset, the H55H-I motherboard. This board has all of the features of the H55 chipset and is on a Mini-ITX form factor, meaning that pairing it with a low-energy Core i5 or i3 CPU will bring great performance without needing a mini-ATX or standard ATX sized board. This form factor is perfect for the Home Theater PC owner that wants a small computer that fits in a small space.