ECS A785GM-AD3 Black Series Motherboard Review :: Introduction

01-31-2010 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

ATI has always been on the cutting edge of integrated graphics technology starting with the introduction of the Rage graphics chip on motherboards many years ago. Integrated graphics tends to be rather slow compared to the discrete graphics, but they serve a purpose for business users, HTPC users and for very casual gamers.

When AMD bought ATI a few years ago, they inherited the graphics design teams that designed the RADEON 9700 Pro and other excellent graphics chipsets. The release of the780G series of integrated graphics in the form of the RADEON HD 3200 brought their integrated graphics up to the standard of their discrete graphics in terms of features (DirectX 10.0). Last year they released the 785G chipset which has RADEON HD 4200 graphics and supports DirectX 10.1. Elite Computer Systems is a motherboard and other computer component manufacturer that sells both AMD and Intel motherboard chipsets. Today Iím reviewing the A785GM-AD3 motherboard based upon the 785G chipset.