ECS H55H-M Motherboard Review :: Bundle

01-24-2010 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun
  • ECS H55H-M Motherboard
  • Driver DVD
  • SATA Data cables 2
  • Manual
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • Rear I/O Bracket

ECS H55H-M Motherboard Review Box


ECS H55H-M Motherboard Review Rear of Box

Rear of Box

ECS H55H-M Motherboard Review Box open

Box open

ECS H55H-M Motherboard Review Bundle


ECS has bundled their motherboard inside a white box with the name of the motherboard on the center of a blue wave in the center of the cover of the box. The top left corner of the box has the ECS logo and the CPUs supported by the motherboard. The bottom of the box front cover has a list of the main features of the board including eJiffy, PCI Express x16, DVI, Dual Channel DDR3 and more.

ECS H55H-M Motherboard Review 3D settings

3D settings

ECS H55H-M Motherboard Review Display setting

Display setting

ECS H55H-M Motherboard Review System information

System information

ECS H55H-M Motherboard Review Media setting

Media setting

Opening the box we find that ECS has put the accessories atop the motherboard with a cardboard separator in between them. The bundle is minimal but this board is targeted at the very low end of the H55 chipset series and a comprehensive bundle would have been cost prohibitive. ECS includes two SATA Data cables, the Rear I/O back panel and the Driver DVD.

One thing about modern motherboards and Windows is the interminable wait for boot up. Some companies have an “Instant Boot” that allows you to use the Suspend and Sleep functions to turn the computer off and on in a few seconds. Others, like ECS use a Linux based Operating System to boot off the HDD right after the BIOS boot-up instead of waiting for Windows to load. ECS has an application called eJiffy which boots within 8 seconds and provides web browsing, photo reviewing and online chat.