ECS H55H-M Motherboard Review :: Introduction

01-24-2010 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

The recent launch of the Clarkdale CPU and the various 55 series chipsets has brought integrated graphics back into the forefront after Intelís much publicized cancellation of the Larabee retail products last year after a long development project. The fact is Larabee in the form it was designed was late, under-performing, and would not have been competitive by the time it was released into the retail market.

Intelís H55 motherboard chipset and the new Clarkdale CPU integrated the graphics onto the CPU die, meaning that it no longer required a Northbridge to have integrated graphics and the display controller is now on the Platform Controller Hub on the motherboard. Elite Computer Systems (ECS) has manufactured many motherboards, video cards and other computer related equipment and todayís review is on the new ECS H55-M motherboard.