Intel DH55TC Motherboard - Core i5 661 CPU Review :: Introduction

01-03-2010 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

Intel generally releases a new architecture for motherboard chipsets every couple of years. The last motherboard chipset they launched was the P55 Express chipset to support the new Core i5 and i7 CPUs on a new Socket 1156 interface. Today they are launching the Intel H55 chipset. This chipset is the newest one and is based upon the same core technology as the P55 chipset with a difference. The H55 chipset adds integrated graphics to the P55 core. The second part of this article has to do with the new CPUs launching today which are due to hit the market the same time as the new motherboard. It should be an interesting article due to the addition of integrated graphics to the Intel P55 family. The Core i5-661 is the second fastest variant of their new i5 Dual Core CPUs at 3.33GHz.