Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review :: Bundle

11-15-2009 · Category: Motherboards

By Anthony Reynolds
  • Intel DP55WG motherboard
  • 4 SATA Data cables
  • Driver DVD
  • SLI Bridge
  • DP55WG Quick Reference
  • Board Layout
  • Rear I/O backplate

Intel packages their DP55WG motherboard in a purple box with the Intel Desktop Board Inside logo on the middle of the left side of the box. The name of the board, the DP55WG Media Series is listed under that logo. The back of the box has the features of the board listed, the Software included, Nortonís Internet Security 90 day trail and more.

Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review Box


Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review Rear of box

Rear of box

Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review Box open

Box open

Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review Accessories tray

Accessories tray

Note that since the board is so new, drivers for Windows 7 are not included on the Driver DVD. The 90 day trial of Nortonís Internet Security is ok, but I would have preferred a non-Trial version. Intel does have the Windows 7 drivers on their website. Intel offers a 3-Year Limited Desktop Board Warranty with this board. The Dolby Home Theater and ATI CrossfireX logos are on the back as well.

Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review Bundle with board

Bundle with board

Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review Bundle


Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review Driver CD

Driver CD

Opening the box reveals that Intel has put the board on a tray on top of the accessories. The board is enclosed inside an anti-static bag with a CPU cover over the LGA-1156 Socket. The bundle itself is rather unremarkable with four SATA Data cables, the Driver DVD, a Board Layout sheet, a DP55WG Quick Reference Guide, the Rear I/O backplate and a SLI bridge, which is a welcome inclusion as not everyone has them with the cards.