Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review :: Layout

11-15-2009 · Category: Motherboards

By Anthony Reynolds

Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review 8-pin power

8-pin power

Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review CPU Fan


Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review Back of box

Back of box

Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review CPU Socket

CPU Socket

The Intel board is a dark purple colored board and measures 12x8.9 inches making it a Full sized ATX board. Starting at the top right hand corner of the board we find a 8-pin power connector followed by the CPUFan connector. The CPU Socket area is completely devoid of obstructions, allowing the use of any CPU cooler.

Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review P55 Express PCH

P55 Express PCH

Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review SATA Power

SATA Power

Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review TI chip

TI chip

Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review Memory chip

Memory chip

One key difference between the DP55KG and the DP55WG motherboards is the inclusion of MOSFET heatsinks on the other board. The DP55WG does not have heatsinks on the MOSFETs meaning that they will likely be warmer in operation compared to the DP55KG board which does have heatsinks on them. The board has an 8-Phase Power design with Solid Capacitors designed to last far longer than the other capacitors on earlier chipsets.

Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review Chil chip

Chil chip

Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review MOSFETS


Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review DIMM Sockets

DIMM Sockets

Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review Winbond chip

Winbond chip

The DP55WG has four DIMM Sockets that take up 16GB of DDR3-1600MHz memory. Note due to the CPU containing the memory controller the maximum natively supported memory speed is 1333MHz, but this can be increased by increasing the BCLK or by using the eXtended Memory Profile Intel uses for supported memory. The LGA-1156 CPU supports Dual-Channel memory meaning for best memory bandwidth two or four DIMMs should be used.

Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review 24-pin power

24-pin power

Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review Front Panel

Front Panel

Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review Rear fan

Rear fan

Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review USB


The bottom of the DP55WG motherboard starts off with the 24-pin power connector. This is followed by a Front Panel connection. You need to use the manual to see where each connection goes as it is not printed on the board itself. This is followed by a CIR Blaster header and a CIR RCVR header for the Consumer Infrared devices. The DP55WG has three USB headers and a Firewire header bringing the total of each to fourteen and two counting the Rear I/O on the board.

Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review More USB

More USB

Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review Intel LAN PHY


Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review Power button

Power button

Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review Rear I/O

Rear I/O

The expansion slots for add-in cards on the board include a PCI Express x16 2.0 slot, a PCI Express x8 2.0 slot, a PCI Express x4 slot, two PCI Express x1 slots and two PCI slots. You can install two ATI or NVIDIA cards into the blue slots to enable CrossfireX or SLI respectively, improving performance in games or applications that support them. As there are only a limited number of PCI Express lanes on the LGA-1156 CPU, they will operate in x8/x8 mode when two cards are installed.

In terms of storage, Intel includes six SATA 3 GB/s ports, these are all sideways oriented, making installation of graphics cards easy and unobtrusive. ASUS and ASRock have launched motherboards on this chipset with the new SATA 6 Gb/second standard but most HDDs on the market today are geared to the 3 Gb/second standard. Intel supports RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10 Modes with the DP55WG motherboard. The rear I/O has two external SATA ports bringing the total on board to eight.

The onboard sound is provided by a Realtek ALC889 CODEC. This is the latest in a long line of audio chips from Realtek. This chip provides support for High Definition Content Protection via Realtek’s proprietary loss-less content protection technology protecting pre-recorded content while providing full-rate audio enjoyment from DVD, Blu-ray DVD, or HD-DVD discs. The ALC889 supports the High Definition Audio standard with multi-streaming via 7.1+2 channel audio.

Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review Audio


The Rear I/O on the board comprises of eight USB ports, two optical ports for SPDIF output, a RJ-45 jack for the onboard Gigabit LAN, a Firewire port, and 6 audio jacks for the onboard sound. Some notable exclusion from the Rear I/O panel includes the PS/2 mouse and keyboard ports. As the vast majorities of users have USB mice and keyboards this is a positive thing in getting two more USB ports instead of them.