Intel DP55WG Motherboard Review :: Introduction

11-15-2009 · Category: Motherboards

By Anthony Reynolds

Intel has really hit its stride with the release of the Lynnfield LGA-1156 P55 Express chipset program. The combination of reasonable prices for the CPU and lower prices for the motherboards have meant that more users are able to purchase the new combination of the LGA-1156 CPU and P55 Express motherboard to improve performance over the Core 2 Duos and Extremes that they replace. Intel has released new motherboards to support this new chipset including the Intel DP55KG SO I reviewed earlier. Today is a new day and a new motherboard review based upon Intelís new DP55WG motherboard designed for the Media Center PC crowd and featuring the new SATA 3 controller for the latest hard drives that support this feature.