MSI P55-CD53 Motherboard Review :: Conclusion

09-07-2009 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

The Intel P55 Express chipset and the LGA-1156 CPUs are Intelís new mainstream solution replacing the Core 2 Quad and Duo solutions earlier. As such the MSI P55-CD53 motherboard is a value board with costs of around $109 online at launch. The board does the job with performance that matches the Intel reference board. Turbo Mode does not seem to overclock the CPU as much as on the Intel Extreme board, but the combination of the OC Genie and gradual overclocking using the + button on the board I was able to hit over 3.4GHz with the Intel Core i5 750, a nearly 800MHz Overclock. Overall this motherboard is great for those wanting to get onto the new i5 bandwagon, but donít want to pay the high price for a new setup.