ASUS MAXIMUS III Formula Motherboard Review :: Introduction

09-07-2009 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

Intel launched their Core i7 CPU and X58 chipset for the enthusiast segment in November of last year. While the Core i7 and X58 combination has proven to be a winner in terms of performance, the price tag of a new system with a new motherboard and new memory (Triple Channel DDR3) has proven to be a hindrance to some.

Intel is launching a new chipset and new CPU platform today in the form of the P55 Express chipset and Socket LGA-1156. This will replace the Core 2 Quad/Duo and P45/X48 chipset combination that has formed the mainstream counterpart to the Core i7/X58 enthusiast platform. It should be an interesting ride as there will be Core i7 CPUs available along with the Core i5 that work on the LGA-1156 interface. ASUS manufactures motherboards on virtually every Intel platform and they have announced many iterations of the P55 chipset to be available at launch. Their Republic Of Gamer’s series has long been known for their high performance, and are geared towards the enthusiast. Today’s review is on the ASUS Maximus III Formula board based upon the new P55 Express chipset.