ASUS P7P55DX Deluxe Motherboard Preview :: Introduction

08-13-2009 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

Intel is the king of the chipset and CPU business with more motherboards using Intel chipsets being sold than all of the other chipset manufacturers put together and then some. Last year Intel introduced their Core i7 CPU along with the X58 chipset and while it has been successful for Intel, has not hit the mainstream as the cost of ownership of the new platform is expensive, especially when one considers the new CPU, new memory, new motherboard etc… Today Intel is launching their mainstream version of the X58 chipset and Core i7 CPUs, the P55 and Core i5 respectively.

ASUS motherboards have long been a favorite of Doc and I with multiple personal computers built around ASUS motherboards. The hardcore enthusiast has loved their boards for the extra speed, the Overclock ability and the features that ASUS brings to the table. ASUS is the number one motherboard manufacturer in the world with over 1/3 of all motherboards using an ASUS based motherboard today. To go along with the launch of the P55 chipset from Intel and the Core i5 CPU launch, ASUS is releasing a slew of motherboards on the new chipset including the P7P55DX Deluxe that I'm previewing today.