Asus : Gigabyte : MSI : P55 Motherboard Preview :: Introduction

08-09-2009 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

Intel is about to release their new series of CPUs in the weeks ahead and we were lucky enough to get our hand on a few of the latest motherboards that support this new platform. Today you will get to see three new motherboards ahead of the general pack. Due to NDA limitations we cannot yet show you scores or benchmarks, but we have the pictures features and specs available for you to see. I would like to personally thank, JJ, Angela, and Rajiv as well as Intel for even allowing this to happen as this is a big launch coming up next week. You will see the full reviews of these motherboards next week along with some new stuff from the folks at Intel so keep your radar focused. These are some nice motherboards and I think you will find them to have superior features than previous generation boards. Also these are the mid level motherboards in this series and there will be even better featured boards at the end of next week.