MSI 785GM-E65 Motherboard Review :: Introduction

08-02-2009 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

Motherboards with integrated graphics have been criticized and rightly so for the lack of performance and features that they offer to the consumer. After all, a gamer wanting to play the latest games will not likely enjoy a playable game play experience in some of the newest DirectX 10.0 games on an Intel GMA 4500 HD due to lack of performance on the Intel side of things, games really only play well on the GeForce 9xxx series motherboards.

On the AMD side, the choices are much more palatable with graphics on the 770G, 780G and 785G that is being released having much higher frame rate compared to the Intel side of things. This is despite the fact that the AMD CPUs tend to be a little slower in performance versus their Intel counterparts. The 785G chipset introduces DirectX 10.1 support to the integrated space, and Universal Video Decoder 2 to the AMD chipset. MSI is one of the first of the motherboard makers releasing a motherboard using this chipset and today's review is on the MSI 785G-E65 motherboard just announced this week.