MSI X58M Motherboard Review :: Bundle

07-16-2009 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun
  • MSI X58M Motherboard
  • 4 SATA Data cables
  • 2 SATA Power cables
  • 1 Crossfire bridge
  • M-Connect
  • IDE Cable
  • I Quick Install Guide
  • MSI User Guide HDD Backup User's Guide
  • User Guide X58M Motherboard
  • MSI Drivers and Utilities DVD-ROM
  • MSI Extras CD-ROM

MSI X58M Motherboard Review Box front

Box front

MSI X58M Motherboard Review Box rear

Box rear

MSI X58M Motherboard Review Box open

Box open

MSI X58M Motherboard Review Bundle


MSI bundles their motherboard in a small black box perfect for the size of the mini-ATX form factor. The front cover has the motherboard name, the CPU it supports, the X58 chipset logo and the included software HDDBackup. Also listed are the main features of the board including Crossfire X, SLI, Active Phase Switching, Easy OC Switch and MSI's logo.

The rear of the box has the main features of the motherboard listed along with detailed descriptions of each feature. Also listed is the specifications for the motherboard, the contact information for MSI and an I/O Overview to show what the rear I/O has. Opening the box, MSI has put all of the accessories DVDs and manuals on top of the motherboard separated by a cardboard sheet.

MSI really went all out in terms of the bundle on the MSI X58M motherboard. There are four SATA Data cables two SATA Power cables to provide enough cables to run a four disk RAID system, a Crossfire bridge for connecting two ATI video cards, M-Connect which serves the same function as Q-Connect, User Guides for the manual and the HDDBackup utility, and a Quick Start Guide.

MSI X58M Motherboard Review Driver CD

Driver CD

MSI X58M Motherboard Review BUtilities


MSI X58M Motherboard Review Product Information

Product Information

MSI X58M Motherboard Review Norton Internet Security

Norton Internet Security

HDDBackup is MSI's backup and restore utility they include with their motherboards. You can backup a partition on an image file then restore it later if the data is lost or problems occur. You need a source and a archive partition to use the utility. Select a source then select the target partition and a folder within that partition to store the image into. The utility will back up the software after confirming that is what you want to do. To restore the partition simply select restore from image files and select the folder with the image file to restore from then select the restore target partition and confirm it. MSI also includes a copy of Norton's Internet Security 2009 OEM Edition with the bundle.

MSI X58M Motherboard Review Live BIOS