MSI X58M Motherboard Review :: Conclusion

07-16-2009 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

Big things often come in small packages and the MSI X58M motherboard is one of those things that really are an outstanding product. Its performance was near the top in virtually every benchmark. Feature-wise the board has support for SLI and CrossfireX on a micro-ATX form factor. If you’re looking for a LAN PC or a computer to be based on the fast X58 chipset and a Core i7, the X58M is a great choice. Intel X58 based motherboards are retailing for over $200 online as of today, while the X58M and other micro-ATX motherboards on this chipset are nearing the $170 price tag, meaning it is a good upgrade for those wanting to go with the X58 chipset without breaking the bank. For those wanting a good X58 motherboard for either an HTPC or small form factor PC this is a Hot Product!