MSI G41TM-E43 Motherboard Review :: Introduction

07-08-2009 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

Intel released the Core i7 CPU and X58 chipset late last year for the enthusiasts. While the enthusiasts accepted the change in platform, a lot of people that want to buy a new computer donít want the extra expense that a new CPU, memory, motherboard would require to buy. That is one reason Intel continues to sell CPUs based upon the Core 2 family of CPUs as they can offer them at lower prices satisfying the demand for the people not wanting to spend hundreds of dollars to replace everything.

Intel launched the P45 chipset as the mainstream counterpart for the X48 high-end chipset a couple of years back. The P45 spawned several chipsets with integrated graphics including the G45 and G41 which are based upon the Eaglelake codename. Micro Star Incorporated (MSI) has been in the computer component business a long time manufacturing motherboards, video cards and other components from a variety of manufacturers. Todayís product on the review bench is the G41TM-E43 motherboard based upon the G41 chipset.