ASRock X58 SuperComputer Motherboard Review :: Conclusion

03-03-2009 · Category: Motherboards

By Ben Sun

I went into this review with a few bad experiences with ASRock boards in the past but an open mind as to this board. As they are not as big as other motherboard manufacturers in the enthusiast end of the motherboard market, it was an interesting experience. This board in a word excites me to no end. The ability to have four video cards without SATA or capacitors or other components in the way is a huge plus for me. The ability to use either ECC or non-ECC DDR3 memory is a huge plus and puts this board squarely into the server category as the board supports the new Intel Xeon 3500 Series CPUs. The performance on the board was pretty good within the expected performance of this chipset. ASRock has done a great job with this board and it is a good alternative to some of the more expensive boards on the market, able to overclock to 3.6GHz with ease. Instant Boot works as advertised with it installed the boot time to Windows Vista was less than 6 seconds, amazing. The board is available online for a price of $295, which is kind of in the middle of the X58 motherboards on the market, making the ASRock board a Hot Product in my book and worthy of purchase if you want the extra features this board offers. A Solid Editors Choice motherboard is to be found here, don't let he name fool you.