ASUS P6T6 WS Revolution Review :: Conclusion

02-10-2009 · Category: Motherboards

By Ben Sun

ASUS has done a superlative job with the P6T6 WS Revolution motherboard. This board scored among the highest of any X58 motherboards in terms of features and performance nearly across the board. ASUS bills this motherboard as the ultimate workstation board and that may truly be the case. To facilitate this, the board has six PCI Express x16 graphics slots, allowing for a six video card solution, SAS drives, WS LED, and WS Heartbeat.

If you're looking for a workstation class board on the X58 chipset this is the board for you as it has all the bells and whistles that you expect from ASUS and the extra features you want. SLI works as advertised with the proper spacing for three GTX280 dual-slot cards. Crossfire also works out of the box. The X58 chipset in combination with the nForce 200 motherboard chipset makes for a powerful combination of true Tri-SLI or CrossfireX. The board earns a solid Editor's Choice award from me if you're looking for an X58 motherboard to go along with the new LGA-1366 CPUs. Overall this is the best X58 chipset motherboard we have seen and Doc is now using it in a review platform for NVIDIA's Quadro based VGA cards for a professional level review on workstation applications. Good job on this one Asus, this board exceeds the standard gaming motherboards and should do well in high-end systems designed for productivity.