ECS A790GXM-A Black Review :: Introduction

11-18-2008 · Category: Motherboards

By Ben Sun

Elite Computer Systems is a motherboard manufacturer based in Taiwan that is known for their inexpensive though no-frills approach to design. They have tried to change that perception of their motherboards with the release of X48 motherboards with a ton of features but they are mostly relegated to those wanting the high-end chipset without paying the high-end prices of another company.

AMD has been trying to compete with Intel on their multi-core processors for the last few years now. One advantage they have is their integration of ATI allowing them to have a full system package: CPU, motherboard chipset and integrated graphics all in one package. Their current chipset the 790GX is the fastest available integrated graphics on the AMD market fully supporting DirectX 10. NVIDIA has launched the 9400 series on the Intel chipset but for the AMD chipset market this is it.