ASUS M3N78 Pro Motherboard Review :: Introduction

10-06-2008 · Category: Motherboards

By Ben Sun

Integrated graphics on the motherboard are a bit of a joke on the Intel side of things with the NVIDIA GeForce 7050 and Intel G45 being the king of the hill on that side of the fence. Both have issues in that the GeForce 7050 is DirectX 9.0c only and the Intel chipset has issues with numerous games and performance isnít the greatest.

The AMD side of the integrated graphics battle is a lot better with solutions from both NVIDIA and ATI that support DirectX 10.0 and performance that while not the same class as the latest graphics cards from either company, do the job. NVIDIA launched the GeForce 8300 motherboard chipset in July and it supports DirectX 10 natively. Today the motherboard on the test bench is the ASUS M3N78 Pro which is based upon the GeForce 8300 motherboard chipset.