ECS X48T-A Black Edition Motherboard Review :: Introduction

10-01-2008 · Category: Motherboards

By Ben Sun

Computer motherboards based upon the X48 chipset have really taken over the Intel motherboard chipset space with every maker manufacturing multiple versions of boards based upon the chip for the high-end arena. ECS has been trying to compete in the high-end enthusiast market, with an Extreme series, then a Black series of motherboards, but for a while there they were a bit of a joke among the hardcore enthusiasts due to the inability to compete favorably with the other high end manufacturers out there, but that has changed recently Today Iím reviewing the ECS X48T-A Black Edition based upon Intelís X48 chipset and is ECSís flagship motherboard. It should be an interesting review of a motherboard based upon a long-running chipset from Intel.