Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-DS4H Motherboard Review :: Conclusion

09-01-2008 · Category: Motherboards

By Ben Sun

Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-DS4H Motherboard Review

Iím of two minds on the 790GX chipset in general. Yes this is the fastest integrated graphics on the market period. Yes, it features the new SB750 Southbridge which adds RAID 5 functionality to the chipset, and yes, the chipset supports CrossfireX in 2 x8 modes. The problem becomes what is it competing against at the $150 price point? The 780G chipset offers many of the same features besides ACC as the new GX one does, but it has a lower clock speed.

Is it better to save the $60 and buy a discrete graphics card to get better overall performance? The other end of the spectrum in the chipset is the competition from the 790FX chipset. 790FX motherboards are available for the same price point as the 790GP-DS4H board, meaning that the user will likely have to compare whether ACC and the HD3300 is worth the difference between the ability to run four cards in CrossFireX mode at full speed. The Gigabyte MA790GP-DS4H is a great board for what itís designed to do, it just needs a clear market for it to gain real momentum in at the sales counter. Technically there is nothing to complain about with this motherboard other than the fact that getting RAID to function properly seems to be an issue that many reviewers have seen lately. Beyond that itís a solid product.