Gigabyte EP45 DS4R Motherboard Review :: Introduction

08-19-2008 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

Gigabyte is a Taiwanese motherboard company that is one of the top choices of hardware enthusiasts worldwide. They manufacture motherboards, video cards and various ancillary products that concern computer hardware. Today Gigabyte employs over 8500 employees and at least 10% of the motherboards in the world sold today are Gigabyte motherboards. They manufacture motherboards on virtually every chipset that Intel releases and the P45 chipset is not an exception to this rule, with no less than 14 P45 motherboards on their lineup at the moment.

Intel launched the P45 chipset a short while ago, replacing their P35 chipset that was the mainstream chipset for their motherboard line. The P45 is based upon the 65 nanometer process, allowing higher overclocking and tolerances over the 90 nanometer P35 chipset. Intel has generally moved from process to process first on the CPU then to the chipset. Many P45 boards have hit the market including the Gigabyte EP45 DS4R Iím reviewing here. This board is geared for the enthusiast and it has many features to boast about, but will it live up to its expectations? Letís take a deeper look.