MSI P45 Platinum Motherboard Review :: Introduction

07-20-2008 · Category: Motherboards

By Ben Sun

It has been a long time since weíve reviewed MSI products on a regular basis. The recent review of the MSI 790FX board was the first MSI board weíve reviewed in over 2 years. Today, MSI has changed from a manufacturer that has been in the hearts of many an overclocker to a shadow of what it once was in the motherboard market.

Intel released their latest chipset, the Intel P45 chipset just a short month or so ago. The newest chipset includes new features like being built on the 65 nanometer process, support for the new ICH10R Memory Controller Hub and support for DDR1200. MSIís new board, the P45 Platinum is based upon the new chipset and that is the board on the review bench today. So whatís the new P45 chipset all about? How does it perform compared to the X48 that is Intelís big dog in the chipset market? Letís find out shall we?