ECS GF8200A Black Motherboard Review :: Introduction

07-14-2008 · Category: Motherboards

By Ben Sun

Integrated graphics have been widely regarded as a joke among hardware enthusiasts as they are generally underperforming, feature deficient and have drivers that donít support the latest features in the case of the Intel integrated graphics not even having DirectX 10 drivers until a month or so ago. ATI has released the RS780 integrated graphics chipset which brings decent DirectX 10 performance to the integrated graphics market.

NVIDIA, along with ATI have brought their video card expertise to the integrated motherboard graphics and that has resulted in good integrated graphics in the form of the GeForce 2 MX graphics being nearly as powerful as the GeForce 2 MX discrete cards. The last generation integrated graphics from NVIDIA was the GeForce 6200 series which brought DirectX 9.0 graphics to the integrated world. NVIDIA recently launched the GeForce 8200 for the Athlon market to address the DirectX 10.0 market.