MSI K9A2 Platinum Review :: Conclusion

05-04-2008 · Category: Motherboards

By Ben Sun

MSI has done a wonderful job with their K9A2 Platinum motherboard. The performance is higher than the last AMD motherboard we did the Gigabyte GA-M69GM-S2H motherboard back in September. The ability to do Quadfire (Four ATI cards in Crossfire) is excellent. The minor issue with the motherboard utility aside and the problem with setting up RAID aside, this was a joy to work with.

The question with the AMD motherboards is always whether it might be better to buy a new Intel CPU with new motherboard rather than buy an AMD board to use the old CPU. For the true hardcore enthusiast, there really isnít an AMD choice that makes sense as Intel Core 2 Quad CPUs dominate the AMD equivalents in performance. AMD competes in price as the lowest priced Intel Quad Core is 10%+ higher priced than the AMD equivalent.