ECS A780GM-A Black Series Motherboard Review :: ECS A780GM-A Black BIOS and overclocking

04-30-2008 · Category: Motherboards

By Ben Sun

The ECS A780GM-A Black Edition uses the AMIBIOS from American Megatrends Incorporated with a few modifications for the board. The BIOS I used with the board was the 3/11/2008 BIOS which added support for overclocking the AM/AM2+ Black Edition CPU Voltage, Updated the AGESAV3_13.25 MODULE, removed patch Work around for HPET RTC and more.

The DRAM frequency can be set to operate separately from the CPU Clock and can be set from 200MHz, 266MHz, 333MHz, 400MHz or 533MHz. Note that this is DDR2 memory so the clocks should be doubled so if set at 533MHz it is really 1066MHz effective, the maximum that this motherboard supports. You can also change the various memory settings in the memory submenu.

ECS A780GM-A Black Series Motherboard Review  BIOS Chip


CPU Frequency can be set from 200-500MHz in the Frequency/Voltage Control submenu.CPU Voltage can be set up to 1.550v. GPU (HD3200 integrated graphics) can be set from 500MHz-999MHz. The CPU multiplier can be set up to 25.0x. DIMM Voltage can be set up to +630mv above default. CPU Voltage can be offset by up to 252mv.

The ECS board was a joy to overclock. I was able to overclock the board with the X2 4850+ from the default 2.5GHz to near 3GHz without issue. The board was a little touchy above that but 3GHz stable is a good overclock of about 20% on air with the CoolerMaster CPU cooler we use. The video chipset was also able to overclock to a decent 550MHz clock but only with the integrated graphics being used.