ECS A780GM-A Black Series Motherboard Review :: Conclusion

04-30-2008 · Category: Motherboards

By Ben Sun

ECS A780GM-A Black Series Motherboard Review

The 780G chipset is the most powerful integrated graphics chipset on the market today. Ati is soon to release the 790G chipset which will bring even more performance to the integrated graphics chipset market. Integrated graphics are great for the person wanting to build a inexpensive system as you only need the memory, hdds, case drives and you have a cool system that plays every game out there, with lowered resolution or setting but it still can play those games with the full visual fidelity that playing the games with a high-end card would do. The ECS board is a little slower than the Gigabyte board that has the same chipset and components. I would attribute this to the differences between two motherboards using the same chipset and not worthy of mention except that it is across the board. ECS’s board is on the web for around $80, making it a good board to purchase for those wanting an inexpensive yet functional computer system.