ASUS Maximus Formula Motherboard Review :: Conclusion

03-26-2008 · Category: Motherboards

By Ben Sun

ASUS has done a wonderful job with their ASUS MAXIMUS Formula board. Based upon Intelís X38 chipset, the Maximus Formula brings the performance, the features and the stability one would expect from a top of the line motherboard from ASUS. With the impending launch of the QX9770 CPU and the X48 chipset, the X38 chipset will shortly be replaced in the lineup. The ASUS Maximus Formula does the job as well as one can expect, as I was able to test the board with a QX9770 CPU without issue.

The Maximus Formula was also used in a upcoming E8500 review and the board overclocked that CPU to over 4.4GHz on air, meaning that thereís a lot of headroom on this board for overclockers. ASUS motherboards have generally been used for all of our video card test platforms and this board is actually one of the best of the breed motherboards Iíve seen on the X38 platform with all of the extra features like the LCD Monitor and the inclusion of STALKER making this a first-class motherboard for any taste.