EVGA NVIDIA 790i SLI Ultra / 9800GX2 1GB Review :: Introduction

03-19-2008 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

EVGA is a company that has pounded the pavement with NVIDIA products for almost a decade now and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. For every release NVIDIA has EVGA has a solution based on that product, usually with a few different versions for the different users who want either cost or performance efficiency. These folks have made waves with their excellent warranty and support team led by Joe Darwin and Andrew Han and this has led to a larger crowd of users flocking towards the EVGA banner. We are big fans of EVGA’s warranty and support and think this is a big plus for them in the finak buying decision.

EVGA NVIDIA 790i SLI Ultra / 9800GX2 1GB Review

This round we see NVIDIA and EVGA once again making a new release and batch of products on not only one product, but two at the same time. Today marks the release of the new 790i motherboard and the new dual GPU single slot 9800GX2 VGA card in a single swoop to put the hurting touch on their competitors and gather even more market share. Needless to say we have not slept in a week, but still were able to get these reviews out to you the people in a timely manner. CoolerMaster was kind enough to let NVIDIA send us a few of their ESA supported products so we could build a new system that uses that technology through and through. These products included the new Cosmos S case, a 1000w SLI certified PSU and their new AguaGate Max liquid cooling kit for some decent overclocking. This entitled a lot of man hours to gather the scores build a new system and get accurate test scores, but alas we finished just in time. Read on and get all the information on these fine new releases.

EVGA NVIDIA 790i SLI Ultra / 9800GX2 1GB Review