XFX nForce 630i / GeForce 7150 Review :: XFX nForce 630i and nForce 7150 Bundle

02-29-2008 · Category: Motherboards

By Ben Sun
  • Install Manual
  • Driver CD
  • 2 SATA Data Cables
  • IDE Cable
  • FDD Cable
  • SATA Power cable

Bundles are more important for a new motherboard than a new video card as the motherboard bundle determines what you can use out of the box without additional purchase. XFX uses the minimalist bundle to get the user started, but they could have done so much more.  The box comes in an attractive box similar in many respects to their video card boxes. A weird lattice work art design with an Intel LGA-775 CPU is on the front cover. The rear of the box contains a list of the main features of the board and a comparison between this board and the high-end 680i SLI and 680i SLI LT boards from XFX.

XFX nForce 630i / GeForce 7150 Review Manuals


XFX nForce 630i / GeForce 7150 Review Hardware Bundle

Hardware Bundle

XFX offers a 2 year limited warranty on their motherboards, which is better than the one year offered by some manufacturers.  Their website has updated drivers for the motherboard and video cards. Recently they made a small change to their site requiring the user to input the Serial Number or Product code to download the drivers. This prevents the end user from downloading the wrong driver by mistake as the drivers are specific to the product and is a welcome change. After inputting the correct number you are taken to another page with a list of drivers. Click the button corresponding to your operating system and the driver downloads.