Gigabyte 6Quad GA-P35-DQ6 Review :: Introduction

01-24-2008 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock was founded on the principle of doing the best possible motherboard reviews on the Net bringing the reviews that people want to see and the information to the customer as well. In that vein, itís been a long drought for motherboard reviews on the site, nearly 6 months with only a few motherboard reviews in-between, which is rather disappointing but will change as we move forward further into 2008 and new motherboards are released.

The Intel P35 chipset was launched a little over 8 months ago as the replacement for the 965P platform that was the mainstream chipset equivalent to the 975X platform. The Bear Lake platform introduced new features including support for Intelís 1333MHz FSB CPUs, DDR3 memory, and external SATA support and up to 12 SATA ports. The replacement for the 975X platform is the X38 chipset which has brought the P35 and the X38 platforms, bring Intelís mainstream and enthusiast chipsets to the forefront in terms of features, performance thatís hard to beat. Gigabyte is a company that has helped redefine the enthusiast motherboard category, and is the second board manufacturer, next to Asus in the hearts of the enthusiast market. Gigabyte has introduced many boards based upon the P35 chipset including the 6Quad GA-P35-DQ6 which Iím reviewing here. So letís see what this board brings to the table and if Gigabyte has a hit.