EVGA 680i SLI 775 A1 Motherboard Review :: Conclusion

10-09-2007 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

EVGA has the best warranty in the motherboard business for the A1 series boards and that is hard to beat from any angle. Most of these NVIDIA chipset motherboards are identical in almost every way except cosmetics so actually any 680i motherboard will be basically the same quality. This board Overclocked very well, and with the right Intel CPU and better cooling I am sure much better results could be obtained. The motherboards layout is thought out and works ergonomically in the users favor when building a system, and the onboard on/off buttons are great for overclocking restarts as is the POST ERROR LED, which lets the user know what is having trouble on the system.

I reviewed a different version of this board a few months back and it got an Editors Choice Award, this board is actually a better skew number being the A1 version, it's just getting a little dated. This chipset does support the latest 45nm CPU line being released by Intel later next month with a BIOS flash. Beyond that these boards are solid; NVIDIA has very good support as does EVGA and they have the best warranty in the business for their A1 series motherboards. The only drawback that may be a problem for some users is the boards 800MHz limit when running non SLI memory. The new P35 chipsets support 1066MHz memory, but no SLI support. In SLI Mode the memory runs at 1200MHz, but you need to have an SLI VGA configuration to take full advantage of this feature as well as SLI certified memory. With price stabilization and high availability I give this motherboard our Hot-Product award.