abit AB9 QuadGT Motherboard Review :: Introduction

05-21-2007 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

abit is one of the better known motherboard manufacturers out of Taiwan. It along with other motherboard manufacturers like ASUS and GIGABYTE have released motherboards based upon virtually every chipset available, as they sell millions of motherboards in a month and are considered Tier-1 motherboard manufacturers. Intel is the biggest CPU and motherboard chipset manufacturer in the world.

Intel is also easily one of the largest tech companies with thousands of employees and many products that meet every portion of the market. Intel launched the 965P chipset last year to replace the 945P chipset in the mainstream. The board on the test bench today is abit's AB9 QuadGT based upon Intel's P965 chipset. The AB9 QuadGT shares a lot in common with the AB9 Pro I reviewed earlier this year, with support for Quad Core CPUs added (hence the name).