EPoX Optimus EP-AD580 XR Motherboard Review :: General Usage

04-30-2007 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

Installation and setup of a motherboard is second or third hat to me by now. I've installed literally hundreds of differently configured systems in my time at this site. The EPoX board was a joy to install and I encountered no problems in any of the testing regimens or setup of the board.

The first step in any review is to physically make sure all of the components of the motherboard and its bundle are in the box. After all, a newly purchased item without all components would not be a new item would it? After verifying the contents I laid out the enclosed items. Screwing the motherboard onto the open-air test station, I installed the CPU, a stick of DDR2 800MHz memory and the video card (7900GT.) At this point I started the computer for the first time. First boot was helped by the LEDion lights that turned on when the system was powered on and the onboard Power and Reset buttons, due to the fact that these showed me that the system was functioning properly.

After our initial testing was done, I installed Windows Vista Ultimate Edition on the computer. The box of the motherboard has a sticker saying "Windows Vista Premium Certified." After installing Vista, I saw no issues as to Operating System errors. EPoX has not updated the drivers for Windows Vista as of yet but the drivers on Vista. One annoying thing that always pops up is the Ghost Monitor which gives the CPU Temperature, the CPU Load and Voltage of the system. It hangs on the upper left hand