EPoX Optimus EP-AD580 XR Motherboard Review :: Conclusion

04-30-2007 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

The AD580 XR motherboard has all of the features you would expect from a Crossfire compatible motherboard and if you're in the market for an ATI graphics card would make an excellent choice. The board has 6 SATA ports, and many expansion slots, making it an excellent choice for the tweaker that wants to expand. The caveat of any AMD platform purchase is that Intel has released a superior platform with their Core 2 CPUs and 965 motherboard chipsets.

Performance was on the high-end of the AMD motherboards we've tested so far and therefore makes the AD580 XR board an excellent one for those wanting to run Crossfire. Crossfire support is not important to me as a reviewer at the moment, as the single card 8800GTX is faster and in any event, if you want two x1950 class cards, you might as well wait for the next generation R600 cards to hit the market next month before upgrading the motherboard platform. Crossfire usage is minimal, with a recent Steam survey saying that more than 95% of the users using multi-GPU systems using SLI.